Augmented Reality is more than Virtual Reality




There are many people who helped me with this effort. I can't honestly list them all, so I just wish to express my gratefulness to all of you, and for the reader I list a few of you here:
First of all, Sigrid, my beloved wife, who patiently endured me 'staring into the computer' for many months.
Walter Kroy, former head of research at MBB Aerospace, has supported this work since the very beginning, chaired the first conference, and provided useful hints and links for this book. Thorsteinn Halldorsson of EADS gave helpful comments on holography.
Dietrich Grönemeyer, who created interventional radiology, supported my ideas in their early stages already.
Georg Vallender and his colleagues at CAE contributed a lot of motivation. Günter Hommel of TU Berlin, gave me that outstanding programming course very long ago and also provided some interesting links for the book project. Lucilla Croce-Ferri of FhG-IGD/IPSI provided advice about watermarks. Olaf Hellwich of TU Berlin enabled valuable research in AR; Tim Suthau, who worked at his institute, provided me with rare mate-rials about virtual retina displays. Corell Nowak of EST helped with product pictures. David P. Keith, world's best flight instructor, did that gorgeous painting (p.121) on the cut out back of my T-shirt (after drying it).
Klaus Rebensburg of Hasso Plattner Institute and Uli Weinberg of Film Academy Babelsberg provided many inspirations with their 'n-space' invited lecture series.
Oliver Bimber, outstanding researcher, professor of Augmented Reality at Bauhaus-University Weimar, played a great part in motivating the work on this 3rd edition.
The people at Booksurge made this publication possible in the fastest and most innovative way. For a book about innovation, that's the way to do it, isn't it.

Finally, the honorable Balduin Egghead, who posed so patiently for many of my illustrations.


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