Augmented Reality is more than Virtual Reality

This is an excerpt from the references list of the book. As I can't guarantee that the web links mentioned in the book will stay current, I replicate them here and will try to keep them up to date. I may also add some more items. Please notify me if any links have expired.

Please note that this is a very individual selection from the many materials existing on (or rather, around) the topic. It can't be comprehensive and isn't intended to be. It should be a collection of the most remarkable things I found, especially in the recent time, and some papers of more general value. The sequence of occurrence is entirely arbitrary. As Augmented Reality has many varieties, I included some things just for completeness, even though they may have little to do with my approach.
This is also not a list of sources for ideas, but mainly about surrounding materials. Indeed when researching for the book I was absolutely astonished that among the myriads of sources, I still found so little that would specifically contribute to its approach. Yet this provided even more motivation to write it.

[1] Rolf R. Hainich: Echtzeitdiagnostik und Sichtsimulation für die minimal invasive Chirurgie, 1993.
Proposing Augmented Reality in medicine as well as in mass market applications. Vitual devices are proposed, the term "virtualware" is coined for them, location sensing by cameras,
and more crucial topics are discussed. This internal VDI/VDE paper was communicated to federal authorities and a number of companies and institutes.  

[2] Rolf R. Hainich: Integrative 3D Visualization, conference opening lecture, Workshop on Integrative 3D Visualization initiated by the author, Wiesbaden, 1994. A paper already defining and outlining all of augmented reality, and technology solutions.

[3] Steve Mann: Smart Clothing': Wearable Multimedia Computing and `Personal Imaging', 1996.

[4] Tim Suthau, Marcus Vetter, Peter Hassenpflug, Hans-Peter Meinzer, Olaf Hellwich: A concept work for Augmented Reality visualisation based on a medical application in liver surgery IAPRS, Corfu, 2002

[5] Henning Schaefer, Kalibrierungen für Augmented Reality. Diplomarbeit at Technical University of Berlin, 2003.

[6] IBM Continous Data Protection:

[7] Gursel Sonmez et al., A RGB Polymeric Electrochromic Device, University of California, Los Angeles, 2003

[8] Ulrich Hofmann, Beamer für die Westentasche, FhG-ISIT, 2004

[9] Report on 3DAV Exploration

[10] HHI Immersive Meeting Point

[11] George Orwell, 1984, ISBN: 0451524934 (many other sources)

[12] Jeff Hawkins: On Intelligence, Owl Books, 2005, ISBN: 0805078533

[13] US pat. 5,572,343, concerning LCD displays as light valves,

[14] MicroOptical Corporation

[15] Microvision, Inc.

[16] James Fung:

[17] Wearable Computing Library

[18] Universal Display Corporation

[19] Oliver Bimber, Ramesh Raskar: Spatial Augmented Reality: Merging Real and Virtual Worlds, A K Peters, Ltd.,2005, ISBN: 1568812302
A very different approach, see also

[20] Woodrow Barfield (Ed.), Thomas Caudell (Ed.): Fundamentals of Wearable Computers and Augmented Reality,
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000, ISBN: 0805829016

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[26] Virtual keys, US pt. 5,767,842 (1992/1998):

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[28] GP Markham: The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products. have fun !

[29] EST-Engineering System Technologies GmbH&Co KG

[30] Tibor Balogh et al.: A Scalable Holographic Display for Interactive Graphics Applications. In Proc. IEEE VR 2005'Balogh:2005:SHD'

Light Blue Optics / Cambridge University, Holographic projection

[32] Jürgen Herre et al.: An Introduction To MP3 Surround

[33] CRLO Displays Ltd., high resolution microdisplays

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Reprint: Proceedings of the IEEE, VOL. 86, NO. 2, Feb. 1998,

[35] Oliver Bimber, L. Miguel Encarnação, and André Stork: Seamless integration of virtual reality in habitual workplaces
A website about some fundamental research projects in augmented reality.

[36] Michael L. Huebschman, Bala Munjuluri, and Harold R. Garner: Dynamic holographic 3-D image projection; see also:

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[38] Fraunhofer FIT -AR-NAV

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(see also US Patent # 4.063.220,

[40] Project ARVIKA:

[41] Tim Suthau: Augmented Reality - Positionsgenaue Einblendung räumlicher Information in ein See-Through Head Mounted Display für die Medizin am Beispiel der Leberchirurgie.
Dissertation at TU Berlin, to appear, 2006

[42] Thorsteinn Halldorsson: Farbdisplays und holographische Bildschirme
EADS- Corporate Research Center, Ottobrunn. Darmstädter Kolloquium für Messtechnik, DAKOM 2005.

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Computer Communications. AFIPS Conf. Proc. vol.37 (1970), p.281-285

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[45] Jim Vallino's Augmented Reality Page (link collection)

[46] Ronald Azuma's pages:

[47] Wikipedia article on Augmented Reality, contains many more links

[48] George Ou ( Is encryption really crackable? [01.05.2006 22:29:28]
A short and thorough sweep-out of myths about "cracked" encryption

[49] Cyclon Systems, UK,
manufacturer of wearable cameras for police, military and other services

[50] HMD comparison

[51] Holoeye Photonics AG, spatial light modulators

[52] LC Technologies, inc.: The Eygaze communication system

[53] Mirage Innovations, Manufacturer of the LughtVu glasses,

[54] Liteye Systems, producer of miniature displays

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[56] Arrington Research, manufacturer of head mounted eye trackers.

[57] Thomas Schnell, Applying Eye Tracking as an Alternative Apprpach for Activation of Controls and Functions in Aircraft

[58] Peter B.L.Meijer, vOICe,

[59] Larry Leifer and David Grossman:
Blind Navigator: using object recognition to enhance blind mobility

[60] eMagin head mounted displays

[61] Qualcomm, iMoD display technology

[62] Jan Fischer,   Interaktive Spezifikation von Domänen und Detektion partieller dynamischer Verdeckungen in Augmented-Reality Umgebungen, PhD thesis
An english article: J. Fischer, H. Regenbrecht, G. Baratoff, Detecting Dynamic Occlusion in front of Static Backgrounds for AR Scenes, EGVE, Zurich, 2003

[63] Think-A-Move, Ltd., InnerVoice Pro

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[66] Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems inc.

[67] Donoghue Labs, neuro-interfaces

[68] Privacy and Human Rights

[69] UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

[70] Cryptool, free cryptography learning software by Deutsche Bank. Siegen University, TU Darmstadt, Secude, FZI

[71] Bernhard Esslinger (Ed), 2006 The Cryptool Script (cryptography)

[72] Steven Feiner, links on user interfaces for mobile & wearable computing,

[73] Durand R. Begault, 3-D Sound for Virtual Reality and Multimedia, ISBN: 0120847353

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[75] Electronic Frontier Foundation, working to protect your digital rights.

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[82] Eyes Tea, Berlin/Boston, with an interesting linklist at

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[84] Aurora Systems Co.,Ltd., Manufacturer of high resolution LCOS micro displays

[85] Augmented Reality: Hyperlinking to the Real World, TechNewsWorld article with a citation of the author, Nov. 2006

[86] Fraunhofer IDMT - Ultrafast-Eyetracker

[87] Zeiss - Head Mounted Displays project

[88] SeeReal Holographic Display Technology

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[91] New Scale Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturaer of piezo electric micro motors.

[92] FhG-IPMS (Fraunhofer Institute for integrated photonic microsystems): cutting edge research on micro scanners and micro mechanical light modulators.

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[125] NASA website on electroactive polymer (artificial muscles):

If you are interested in programming virtual and augmented reality applications, also have a look at this list of books about virtual reality and programming

and as software resources, the Open Source Computer Vision Library or the OpenSG library

Some nice visualizations of augmented reality ideas, beyond what a book can tell (even if not always thought to the end) can be found on YouTube






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