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Displays delivering high resolution while covering a wide field of view are difficult to build, as this requires way above even QFHD resolution, and the computing power necessary to render such images in 3D and real time is not yet easily integrated into mobile devices. We also need very high frame rates if we want a convenient motion response, especially when combined with high resolution.
The Answer to this could be intelligent display chips. This is an entirely new concept. Click to read more...

Mobile phone 'AR' apps, just at the horizon when the current book edition was finished, have meanwhile appeared in numbers and created new interest in AR as a general topic. Yet, these apps are just decorating displayed information with a more or less properly aligned camera image of the scene. All is trapped in the phones display, and hands-free operation is not possible.
Nevertheless, if we could just use some simple display glasses as routinely as we use headphones, the information could really be integrated to sight. The optical functionality needed is no more than that of a headup display - ancient technology already, and simple as well. Click to read more...
Combining the collimated mode with a concept of 'dumb' display glasses opens up new aspects also for indoor applications, foremost virtual large panel TVs but also many other types of virtual devices. Architectural concepts and the achievement of lowest possible power consumption and weight for the display glasses are paramount issues in this context. Click to read more...


Despite all possible simplifications, dynamic fit and focus adaptation will be important for really versatile AR displays, and there are several promising technologies for it. For instance, have a look at these materials about artificial muscles.

curved and translucent displays would offer unprecedented performance for light and compact AR glasses*. Read all about design methods and simulation results in this preprint paper (PDF).

* patents pending

Optics w. concentric mirror and display spheres

Spherical transparent display (pixels extremely enlarged)
Animation of a simulation model


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