Augmented Reality is more than Virtual Reality

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Foreword 5
3rd Edition 13

part 1:   Introduction

Why virtual devices? 23
In and out of the screen 25
The virtual hardware concept 28
A classification of virtual objects 31
A virtual workspace 33
The vision simulator 35
Displays 37
Eye tracking 41
Position sensors 42
Object merging - the mask display 43
Foreground object overlay 47
Virtual menus and bars 48
Hardware add-ons 49
Realization and necessary software 50
Goggle phones 52
Virtual control panels 53
Mixed Virtuality 55
Under way 57
A medical application 58
Cooperative telemanipulation 60
Virtual headup display 61
Intelligent sunglasses 62
Avionics applications 62
Virtual Radar 64
Virtual conferencing 65
Meet my avatar 66
Virtual worlds 68
Eye steering 71
Ghost objects and devices 73
Corrective glasses 78
Seeing with the ears 78
Sharing virtual objects 81
Virtual holography 82
Public objects 83
Markets 85
Big Brother 88
Brain chips 89
The real Matrix 94

part 2:   Fiction- Adventures of a Four-Eyed

Home office 100
The link 101
Workspace 103
TVs and icons 105
Outdoors 106
Cooking for beginners 107
Intruders on the loose 108
The bagman 109
Concerto 110
Fairy tales 111
Flight scenes 117
General aviation 118
Games and sims 120
From the past 122
A rental car 123
Merry Christmas 128
From the attic 128
In the mall 128
Cyclops 131
Reading a book 132
Stolen 134
Allergic 135
6000 ft. under 137
New toys 138
Lost keys 139
The meeting of the ghosts 140
The world in a nutshell 142
My washing machine 146
Plants, lamps and old stuff 146
Garage job 147
Living history 149
Lost in space 151

part 3:   Technical Design

General considerations 154
Why it can be done 156
Display design 161
Current display glasses 163
Display technologies 167
Eye physiology 171
An optical design study 173
Eye tracking 178
The retina tracker 187
Laser displays 190
Coherence 191
A laser design 195
The laser dilemma 200
Coaxial Scanners 205
Eye operated cell phones 207
Piezo motors 211
Holographic displays 214
Phase holograms 220
Holographic scanners 223
Mirror design 229
Holographic optical elements 232
HOE glasses 238
Light field displays 243
Fourier holograms 248
Contact lens displays? 250
About eyetaps 256
The mask display 259
Power consumption 266
Dynamic image generation 269
Position and scene identification 271
Remembering locations 278
A global orientation database ? 281
Manual interaction 282
Eye pointing 284
Additional components ('mixed virtuality') 286
Light swords 290
The 1st implant 291
External computing, networking 295
Security 296
Public objects 300
Sound 304

part 4:   Virtual Media

Hardware independent media 313
An example for perfect acquisition: color 317
2D and 3D paradigms 319
Sound 320
Perspective 324
Panning effects and a camera trick 326
Reviewing 3D displays 329
Auto stereoscopy 331
Pseudo and real holography 333
Vision simulators 335
3D image recording 336
Upscaling 339
'Bionic' camcorders - drop the bricks 345
Encoding 3D 347
Light field encoding 349
Holographic encoding 350
Virtual households- the impact of bandwidth 360
Large scale 'holograms' 362
Screen based 3D: conclusion 365
The holgraphic sphere 366
Virtual cinema 370

appendix:  Optics and More

Laser beam deviation 376
Depth of field 379
Coherence 381
Reflection laws 385
Area and volume gratings 386
HOE characteristics 388
Practical HOE construction 390
Upscaling 391
The light field camera 392
Monocular depth pointing 393

Outlook 372
References 395
Index 403
Acknowledgements 415

publications integrated since the last edition

The 3rd edition integrates the following new papers published by the author in university lectures, conference contributions and on the book's (this) web site. A few are didactic or prose, most have been first publications.

Eye operated cell phones (Apr.2, 07)
Auto holographic displays (May 27, 07) (only mentioned)
'Bionic' camcorders - drop the bricks (July 15, 07)
More on mask displays (Aug.20, 07)
Light field displays (Oct.12, 07)
Coaxial scanners (Nov.5, 07)
Light field encoding (Feb.24, 08)
Visual flow eye tracking (Mar.25, 08)
A new class: Ghost objects and devices (June 3, 08)
Holographic optical elements (Aug.1, 08)
Piezo electric micro motors (Sep.16, 08)
Monocular depth pointing (light field cameras) (Sep.16, 08)
Contact lens displays (Oct.3, 08)
The 1st Implant (Oct.19, 08)
The world in a nutshell (Nov.9, 08)
Retina trackers (Jan.12, 09)

Please note that most of the content on this website is only intended as a short introduction and that the book also contains many more new materials and updated parts, exceeding this list. The fiction part in particular, has been greatly expanded in the 3rd edition.

Additional web content

Auto holographic displays
Fiction continued



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