The End of Hardware
3rd edition, 2009:
Augmented Reality and Beyond

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ISBN: 1-4392-3602-X
ISBN13: 978-1-4392-3602-4
416 pages, 245 illustrations

5341 Dorchester Road, Suite 16,
Charleston, SC 29418


BISAC: COM057000 - Computers/Virtual Reality
Keywords: Augmented Reality; Virtual Reality; 3D;
Mobile Computing; Media Technology; Holography

Contains bibliographical references and index


1st edition: The End of Hardware - A Novel Approach to Augmented Reality.
ISBN 1-4196-3036-9. 250 pages. March, 2006
2nd edition: The End of Hardware - A Novel Approach to Augmented Reality.
ISBN 1-4196-5218-4 300 pages. October, 2006

3rd edition: The End of Hardware - Augmented Reality and Beyond.
ISBN 1-4392-3602-X. 416 pages. May, 2009







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